Sunday, September 16, 2012

Level 3 websites


Ebay is a level 3 website. It has a store front, user registration is required as well as geographic information, for shipping/billing purposes.


Jamdeal is a Jamaican online store. It has a store front, user registration and requires geographic information. These features make it a level 3 website.

3. has a shop area, as well as a user log in and registration that requires geographic information. This makes comedy a level 3 website. 

Level 2 Websites


This is a fashion/home/diy blog. It is a level 2 website as it is constantly providing feeds and updates from the author. However, there is no store front, user registration or geographic information.


A website that posts comedic related content daily. It also provides RSS feeds. Although there is a registration, it is not required to view the content.


Studs and Pearls in a DIY website for fashion. The creator updates the posts every 1-2 days, therefore providing regular feeds classifying this website as level 2. There is no sign in information or geographic information needed.

Level 1 Websites

1. is a website created by Coca Cola for one thing: amusement. The website is classified as level 1 as it does not provide anything much, not even information. This site is not upgraded at all, as it does not require any upgrades. is a website created by Penguin Press in search of a new Community Manager. The site is level one as it only provides information of the job description(in a creative way) by clicking each part of the web page(clicking rolls slide upwards). There is no registration, no posts or other pages.

3. is a website created for people who are looking for creative and artistic roommates. You simply enter your email address and you will be sent a list of people who are also searching for creative roommates. The site is definitely level one as there are no updated posts, no other pages or no log in information.

4. is a resume website of the design director and co-founder of UK-based design company called the Green Chameleon. The site itself is quite simple with only one page, the twitter, mail and Green Chameleon the only clickable icons that redirect to other websites. There is no log in, or registration. The website is not upgraded on a regular basis.